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What good is a website in San Antonio?

San Antonio City LimitsWe know San Antonio is no silicon valley. While our neighbors up north in Austin, TX have and continue to experience a tech boom, San Antonio however, is on the horizon. While technology growth doesn’t directly mean websites, the relationship between these two topics are very close.

According to Megan Horner of TrainAce, businesses in the high-tech industry and its market are attracted to a city like San Antonio because of its climate, culture and affordability. Organizations like Citigroup, Toyota, and the NSA have either built or have migrated departments over to the Alamo City. The interests from such companies attract other new comers, especially in our current economic situation.

But what does this mean for small businesses and individuals like you?

It’s simple. An underlying nature of these businesses and the attracted newcomers are about communication. A successful industry is compiled of businesses that communicate not only effectively, but efficiently. If a business or individual cannot provide their services in a timely and efficient manner, they run the risk of taking a loss. San Antonio’s tech growth will involve moving away from the traditional communication patterns like answering machines and on-site visits to more efficient communication like emails and service calls. The business that wants to market to its potential clients will need to understand that the community is no longer looking up at billboards but rather looking down at their smart phones.

Websites are just a piece of the puzzle of a San Antonio business online. Mobile responsiveness, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing and Web Marketing are really the major pieces to establish your web presence online. Just like you searched online and found this website within the first few pages of your results, quickly and efficiently the information you were looking for is readily available to you and I haven’t had to say a single word by mouth. Nevertheless, the ease of access to a business representative is very important for customer service.

When San Antonio rivals the likes of technology cities like Austin and St. Louis, it won’t necessarily mean the need for word of mouth and other traditional communication is completely useless. Human interaction is what our living generations grew up on and it’s not as foreign as technology may be to a lot of us. To survive in a tech world however, San Antonio business and individuals will need accept and adapt the new means of communication. Having websites and marketing is a good start.

photo credit: paul bica via photopin cc

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