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Our marketing services include:
Web Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

social media

Social Media MarketingSocial Media counts as any online community with a collection of multiple users who may interact and share information with each other as well as receive. There are many social networking sites out there with the most popular being Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. This kind of network is highly valued because of the amount of users and activity on them on a daily basis.

A couple of Social Media facts:

  • Since 2005, it has been the fastest growing online activity with a 712% growth percentage since.
  • Currently in the US alone, there are approximately 155 million registered Facebook users.

A value of marketing on the social media platform needless to say, is going to be in how many customers you can easily reach out to & communicate at once.

How Alamo City Web helps here is to employ our already proven viral marketing techniques within the network, relieving you of the time consuming tasks and duties to get your social media page where you want it to be. Generating your product and brand awareness as well as providing leads for future sales is our goal with your social media page. We will engage your customers with interests relevant to your business, establish a rapport to build on brand awareness, and work on growing the number of authentic subscribers to your social network page.

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Web Marketing is a lot like social media marketing. It requires advertising campaigns & spreading your product or business name across the web in different sectors. The main difference is that this marketing is not only limited to the social media network but rather to the world wide web.

Potentially the web advertisements can reach a wider audience, expanding your sales expectations.

According to a study, 92% of all online consumers have used search engines. 75% of search engine users never scroll past the first page of their search engine results while 50% of paid search ads on the first page have provided clicks for their respective ad campaigns.

Search engine rank matters.

This is why we include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with our web marketing strategies. You may have heard the term before because it’s popular, effective and it works. In a nutshell, compare SEO to your traditional yellow pages. In order for you to look up a business, you had to know the business name or category. If you needed a plumber, you would flip to the plumber section then look at all the listed plumbers alphabetically. It certainly would do a disservice to your company if it started with a “Z”.


With proper web marketing and search engine optimization, your website will be easily found online. Its search engine rank, its credibility, customer reviews, search keyword relevance, web presence and its proximity to the searchers, just to name a few are different factors that we work with in order to boost your visibility. Your place in line does not matter by name anymore but instead how relevant your business is to the search engine user. Your “edge” goes beyond the name of your business.

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