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Web Maintenance

Need help with website maintenanceIt’s a no-brainer that you want a fully functioning and attractive website, but a common trap that website owners fall into is that they are not aware of the upkeep required or don’t know how to properly maintain their site. Let’s face it, updating databases and changing lines of code to keep your web presence current isn’t your cup of tea.

For a low monthly fee, Alamo City Web offers to maintain your newly built website or social network page, relieving you of any extra or time consuming tasks that will distract you from your everyday business activities.

Speaking from experience, we believe in keeping an active relationship with you, our client, being there at a moment’s notice when help is needed.



Website maintenance includes:

  • Updating text, images, video and other non-programmable media
  • Transferring data into, out of, and around the website’s file system
  • Administering online communities and user support
  • Technical support on website issues
  • Updating online software and content management system as needed
  • & many more

Social Media Maintenance includes:

  • Posting updates and keeping up with relevant information regarding your product
  • Providing an active presence & portal for your clients to communicate with you
  • Designing and optimizing your social page for easy reference thru the social media community
  • & many more


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