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Hello & Welcome to Alamo City Web

Hello & thanks for visiting us at alamocityweb.com . This is our first blog under our new website. We were previously known as Jaydeem Web Design, however we felt a name change was needed to a more recognizable one. You know? the one that rolls off your tongue a little easier when saying it. Well at least it does for the locals.

Lesson learned, when picking a domain name for your business, make sure it’s something that’s easy to say or remember. Ultimately we would’ve preferred something even more simpler but in today’s domain market, domain names are being purchased left and right, even if the buyer does not intend to use it for anything. A good domain name has good value, and if a business really wants that domain name, they will have to pay whichever amount is agreed upon by the purchaser or domain broker.

We will blog more in detail about this again in the future, but for now, we say welcome! Feel free to contact us here if any general questions or want to recieve a quote. We are a general low cost solution geared toward establishing your web presence online. The tips & tricks behind designing & marketing your product online is a fulltime job in itself. We are here to assist you with that while you focus on actually running your everyday tasks.



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